Monday, August 2, 2010

(1X1) Latch Simple

Latch Simple
Price: $5.00 +S/H
Name: Simple Latch

The Simple Latch is a board that takes the input from a push button or short signal from a digital circuit and turns something on or off. I use it to power on and off my PSU turned Bench Power Supply will post the connecting system later.

this board connects with 2 mulx connectors one 3 pin and one 2 pin
the three pin is:
the two pin is a momentary push button.

Capacitor is a 1u

Resistors are:
  1. 470K
  2. 470K
  3. 10K
  4. 10K
  5. 1M
  6. 100K
  7. 1K
  8. 470K
Transitors are:

  1. PNP
  2. NPN
  3. NPN

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